Example of a well written Customer Service Email

In my observations on the Mac App Store yesterday, I had mentioned that I had accidentally purchased an App and noted that the support URL from the FAQ didnt work (it was subsequently fixed).

Meanwhile, I had opened a support request with the iTunes App Store (which is different than the Mac App Store). I wasn’t really hoping on anything concrete, and likely a “We are iTunes App Store, we can’t help with Mac App STore” style email, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Apple Customer Service today.

AppStore Support email.png

This email has all the ingredients of a well-written customer service email : * It has a conversational tone by using my first name at the end of sentences. * It communicates empathy (“I can appreciate how eager you must be to get your money back”). * It tells me what action has been taken now (The transaction is flagged) * It tells me when I can expect something to change (5 business days).

For a somewhat related post on the best way to respond to customer criticism, check out Cindy Alvarez’s well written post on The 4 A’s of responding to customer criticism

iFanboi is happy

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